Netflix and Chill: The things you can learn from Netflix movies and shows


Ok not that kind of Netflix and Chill…

I am a big fan of learning through reading books and listening audiobooks. I think those are the top ways to dive into new topics, currents of thought, or simply learning something new. However, I think people underestimate the power of Netflix for learning.

There is an incredible amount of good content on Netflix. For entrepreneurs and future VCs, these are my top 5 pics:


Something Ventured


This is a must-watch and my favorite documentary. It is a primer on the history of venture capital and the interaction between VCs and entrepreneurs in the early days.

True Cost


I am a deep believer in disruption and innovation. Coming from a university where our school of textiles is the number one in the world, this was the documentary I always recommended. I think that the message in True cost about understanding the impact of our actions as consumers and creators should be applied to every industry.


The Big Short


This is my favorite business movie of all times. I think the way it portrays the 2008 economic meltdown is brilliant. It brings a systemic problem down to earth as a dark comedy. If you haven’t watched it, let this be your pick for your next Netflix and Chill.

The Imitation Game

Screen Shot 2017-05-17 at 9.02.04 AM

In the age of wunderkinds, Alan Turing reminds us he was the original one. This is a must-watch no doubt for the combination of struggle and brilliance. 


Chef’s Table

recommended shows for entrepreneurs

Chef’s table is a lesson on grit and passion. The show itself is by far the best show on Netflix from a cinematographic standpoint. However, its relevance comes from the narrative of the lives of the chefs. How they struggled but also how their childhood lessons and life sacrifices took them to the top. Here are my favorite episodes from each season:

Francis Mallmann (Season 1)   –   Alex Atala (Season 2)   –  Ivan Orkin (Season 3)

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